Sunday, November 8, 2009

day of the swine

Make that 4 DAYS of the swine. As someone who always gets sick, I thought I caught a lucky break and missed this one. Alas, the flu inevitably caught up with me...and boy did it! It couldn't have picked a worse time, either. All week I had been looking forward to the weekend to really get some work done. However, this deemed a bit difficult as I was bedridden, hit with cold sweats, migraines, doped up on NyQuil, and now that I'm finally able to make it out of bed, I'm disoriented beyond belief, running into walls here and there. Here's hoping tonight's sleep with make all even better before the routine of classes begins again.

Sunday night was the only time I was able to make useful. And by 'useful' I mean watching movies. They did, however, aid as some research for IP before I stroll over to the library this week. I put in some good time with the Marx Brothers and my first love, Buster Keaton.

Let's cross our fingers that this flu remains at bay from now on...