Friday, December 4, 2009

new beginnings

I walked into my cubicle, I mean studio, on Wednesday and just about went crazy. I felt very claustrophobic, so I decided to de-clutter the space. Only got halfway there. Don't mind that left side...

Also, Endi (half of my extraordinary IP professors...brownie points??) came into my studio and changed a great way. He said something along the lines of, "how they led such meaningless lives" in reference to people living in the start of suburbia (beginning in 1920s and exemplified in the 1960s middle America). Keeping this phrase in mind, I'm reshaping the organization of my BOXhead drawings.
I have been drawing with no solid idea in mind, but this is now helping me to realize one, possibly along the lines of:

What are the things we do to be normal, to fit in?
How far are we willing to go to fit into a mold?

More thoughts added in time. I'm brainstorming here.