Monday, January 18, 2010

a place called "I.P."

Welcome. Is there a rule somewhere saying I can get an A if I become an insomniac? If so, I just made the Dean's list. It's not that I could give two shits about grades (my work is another story), but I feel like it would redeem my loss of a sleep schedule...not that I ever got the routine "8 hours of sleep a night" anyway.

If IP could teach me one thing (knowing that I will gain much more than just one thing blah blah blah), it would be to finally get some courage to be stubborn and stand up for my work. Yeah, that's right, stubborn. It's because of my passive-quiet-niceness that I've spoken to my professors for a grand TOTAL of 40 minutes since September. Silent rage does nothing...only makes my GSIs think I'm even more insane. Go me.