Sunday, February 21, 2010

keeping a good thing going

Disillusion is in it's mid-life crisis. Halfway between the beginning and the end of the exhibition. I really want to keep the show in high demand.

still from video by Brian Hunter

I started blogging for the new and improved PLAY gallery. The PLAY blog consists of a group of artists sharing ideas, projects, and art-related news not only with each other, but with everyone who tunes in. I fear a post-graduation life where I'm not surrounded by artists/"creative thinkers," so I'm excited to be part of this select group of bloggers.

still from video by Paolo Carone

My second post is on Disillusion (imagine that!). A bit on how it started, some ideas behind it, and photos from the show. Written with the help of words by co-curator E.E. Campbell.

ALSO. Look forward to a review of Disillusion by the Ann Arbor News. I know I am!